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Big Data - A Term or Technology?

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Big Data - A Term or Technology?

Big Data - A Term or Technology?

Big Data is a collective term. In essence, it is used to refer to a plethora of tools which dabble in analytical and data-gathering strategies for capturing, storing, analyzing and manipulating them to perform informed business decisions. By applying Big Data strategies, companies can find out about particular problems that exist in the economy and create solutions for them.

However, this is not all. With the help of Big Data, companies are also able to know about the needs of customers. Doing so allows companies to create products that meet the needs of the customers. This creates a demand and supply situation in the economy.

Although considered to be fairly new, Big Data has been highly influenced by various age-old strategies. They are simply a set of modern data analysis tools which have been created by extending old methods and strategies. When applied correctly, these technologies facilitate thorough and excessive data analysis enabling businesses to create better and more valuable solutions.


How Big Data Influences Companies

Big Data is a crucial component for enabling companies to meet their goals with ease. As a result, there are numerous methods in which organizations have been utilizing the power of technology. In this modern-day and age, all sectors ranging from healthcare to IT have been increasingly reliant on Big Data.

However, there is more that Big Data does for organizations. With Big Data technology, organizations have been generating accurate analysis to creatively create growth opportunities.

Such growth opportunities enable companies to give rise to new categories of businesses which analyze and report voracious amounts of industrial data. Moreover, with such a strategy, companies can generate solutions which enables them to leave their competitors far behind.


The Functions of Big Data

Big Data plays innumerous roles within the companies in which it is implemented. Few of the roles are:

  • Curating Newer and Better Products –Customer feedback is one of the most valuable means of generating data regarding future products. Big Data provides you with the tools to understand the shortcomings of your previous product. Moreover, such data enables you to understand how customers perceive your products and understand your needs to create better products in the future.


  • Predict Upcoming Trends –There are numerous factors that determine the success of a particular company. Two such factors are its economic and social factors. The statistical tools provided by Big Data ensures that you can capture data from various avenues and generate reports to stay updated regarding the upcoming trends. Furthermore, you can execute ideas for creating products according to the same.


  • A Way for Creating Newer Revenue Streams –Big Data analysis helps you to generate information regarding the current trends that occur in the market amongst customers. With the help of this information, you can newer revenue streams in the form of subsidiary businesses. Moreover, you can directly sell the data that you gathered to industries in the same sector. In this way, you can directly use the information for creating a revenue stream.


The Role of MRMMBS VISION in Big Data

The coming of Big Data avenues has given rise to innumerous sources of unstructured data on the Internet. In fact, this data is just laying down without being used at all. Moreover, this occurs daily. And this is where MRMMBS VISION comes in.

Our specially curated Big Data as a Service provides you access to a complete series of managed services relating to Big Data. With the help of such a service, you can utilize the data available out there and skillfully influence your customers to meet their needs.

Posted By: Ashish Mishra

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