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Enthralling Benefits of Email Marketing

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 Enthralling Benefits of Email Marketing

Enthralling Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a term that is less likely heard and used by business organizations. According to a report, millennials spend around 6.4 hours each day reading their emails, it is not only millennials who check their emails this often, average people also do the same. In today’s high-paced society email use is thriving and is used by 95% of people of which around 91% of people check their email once a day. 


No matter what kind of business you own to be in the race it is very important to be where your consumers are. As per the data, around 40 percent of Business2Business marketers say email newsletters are the most worthy form of content and around 73 percent of millennials prefer businesses coming via email. Before jumping right away on the benefits of email marketing first let’s have a look at what exactly is email marketing all about. 


A brief introduction to Email Marketing


One of the widely used, efficient, and cost-effective methods for new brand awareness, customer acquisition, and increasing sales is Email Marketing. It is a type of direct marketing that lets businesses send promotional messages via mail to a group of people or their existing customers. 


That is email marketing in a nutshell but in general email marketing is much more and is an umbrella for two categories of messages sent to its customers. 


  1. Cold emails: Cold emails also known as prospecting emails are the ones that target people that are unfamiliar with the brand. 


  1. Warm emails: Warm emails also known as marketing emails are the ones that target people that are familiar with the brand and have engaged with it. 


Why Email marketing for your business? 


Email is something that almost everyone uses every day yet many marketers have failed to embrace its power. Email marketing is considered one of the most effective and smart solutions for communicating and acts as a direct line to the customers. From order confirmation to send newsletters, emails and its marketing is an essential aspect of the growth and management of the business. 


Below mentioned are some benefits of email marketing. 


  1. Brand Awareness 


Email marketing holds one of the biggest benefits for a business and that is creating better brand recognition. Most of the brands that are well known in the market today are because of continuous email marketing. For instance, Spotify is a great example as it sends relevant and brilliantly curated emails to its subscribers informing them about the new programs, features, updates, discounts, and others. By sending an email right into the inbox of your customer you can always be at the top of their mind when it comes to avail the products and services. 



  1. Builds customer relationship


With the fast-moving pace of life, even after having a team, it is not possible to communicate with every customer on phone or message. This is where email marketing arrives. Email marketing helps bridge the gaps between your business and your customer. It helps build customer relationships by constantly sending a good email that is clear to understand and concise. The emails should provide additional value to your customers. 


  1. Boost sales


Email Marketing Services are an exceptional way to boost sales. According to reports around 58 per cent of people find email marketing influencing their purchase decision and by sending email marketing campaigns directly into the inbox of your subscribers you can feature products, services and encourage customers to buy the products that they left abandoned in the shopping cart, tell them about the offers to avail, etc. 


  1. Builds credibility


Email marketing helps a business to build credibility between the customers. An email from an unknown sender and that too with a shady line are generally marked as spam by the users. Your email marketing campaign or newsletter should provide real and valuable information which will help customers connect and trust easily. People like to purchase from the brands they trust. 


  1. Personalized content


A plain and simple regular email can sound boring to the audience but in place of that, a personalized email would do the favours. People feel glad when someone mentions their name, customizing your email marketing campaigns or newsletters with names of the customer’s interests and the audience. Targeted and personalized content will help you build a presence in the industry.  


  1. Increased traffic to the website


You can invest in Website Development and can create great content but how do you plan to distribute it to your audience? This is where email marketing lands. Through email marketing you can send your content to the audience, try patching the links of the website, social media accounts, and others in order to just increase the traffic on your website. Whenever a person will open the email and click on the links provided it will help increase the traffic to the website. 


  1. Cost and time effective


Email marketing is termed and known for its cost and time-effective method. Sending messages to a large audience becomes so much easier with the help of email marketing and that too at zero cost. There are several email marketing tools that do the honors and send the emails to the audience. For instance, Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that helps you create customizable email campaigns for your audience which you can send to them in real-time or can schedule for later without any charges.  


  1. It’s targeted


Email marketing is targeted and is sent exactly to the audience the sender wants to send in. It reaches the people who you want it to reach in a customized way which helps form new relationships with the customers and rebuild them with the prior ones. 


  1. Increases conversion rates


Apart from other marketing and advertising approaches used, email marketing is the one that ranks best in increasing conversion rates. It helps create awareness, generates leads, creates earnings, and enhances customer experience. 


  1. Collecting feedbacks and surveys


In order to keep a check on the user experience, email marketing can be used to collect feedback and surveys. Along with your email campaigns, you can send the links to the feedback pages and survey and can ask your audience to fill it out genuinely. 


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