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Follow these Techniques to get Free Traffic to your Website

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Follow these Techniques to get Free Traffic to your Website

Follow these Techniques to get Free Traffic to your Website

Today most of us are looking to get more traffic on our websites. There are numerous ways of doing that but not all of them guarantee you the right kind of traffic. There is a big difference between free traffic and healthy traffic.


Let us first understand that-:


Free Traffic VS Healthy Traffic. Free traffic is all about numbers that might prove to be useful or useless depending upon your luck. There is no surety of conversion and lead generation from such traffic. Healthy traffic, on the other hand, is traffic that can be utilized for driving more conversions and generating more customers. This type of traffic has a sense of quality in it. People driven in this type of traffic are coming there to assess your product & service and if appeals, they buy them too. So, how can you drive healthy traffic to your website for free? 

Well, here are some ways of doing so-:


1. Slideshow Posting


As a website owner, your main aim should be to provide comfort and convenience to the customer when they visit your website. You should be able to provide all the information about your website in one go without even having to scroll up and down on it. That is where slideshow plays a huge role. You can fit in all the latest stuff and important information on your website within the slide and customers can get all of it in that slide only. Using a slide show you can even make them buy your product or service without scrolling anywhere on the website. Thus, it is a great way to increase traffic to your website. 


2. Guest Posting


Guest posting is a great way to drive traffic to your website. In your guest posts, you can add various links and CTA’s which eventually drive traffic back to your blog or website. Through guest posting, a customer gets an idea about your approach towards a product and service that he is looking for. If somehow you manage to align your content with the content that they are looking for and add a link or CTA, they will surely come to your website and buy your product or service. It is all about what a customer wants so, make your guest post an attractive and conversational tone so that the potential customer can connect with you. This way, you will generate passive customers and grow your website traffic.


3. Adding Comments on Blogs & Website

This is one of the most neglected and underrated ways of bringing traffic to your website. Most marketers and brands overlook it but, it is extremely beneficial. By adding comments to someone’s website or blog you establish your image in front of everyone who is commenting. You can add links to your product and website there so that anybody who agrees with your comment on a particular post can visit your website. Make sure your comment is justified and relevant because your good image can be converted into a bad one quickly if you add irrelevant and unnecessary links. Add a comment that sparks a conversion below it and make people visit your website for a better experience. 


4. Analyze Content Marketing Trends & Results

Content Marketing trends are ever-changing. Google’s algorithm is considered to be the driving force behind all the changes. To cope with the changes you have to keep a constant check on the tools and techniques that are currently trending. Not only this, to drive traffic you have to integrate those trends in your website content by altering it from time to time. For example- Nowadays, the snippets are consuming all the searches. People do not have to visit any website because searching for anything Google comes up with snippets consisting of relevant points to answer the questions. As a good content marketer, you got to add relevant points based on the search of the user so that Google could show it in snippets and drive more traffic to your website by ranking it higher in the SERP.


5. Publish Influencer Interviews

Interviews have more to do with the observation of your audience. When they see you interviewing big names in the industry this automatically makes you a credible brand. People start trusting you and share your website links with others as well. Since the reputation that was once owned by the influencer is now shared by you as well, People will start trusting you with your products and services too. They would want to buy your offerings based on the reputation of the influencer that you interviewed. As your popularity grows, more and more people who are knowledgeable about the product or service that you are offering will visit your website and your traffic will increase. 


6. Interact on Q&A Websites

A user who is searching on Google is looking for an answer to his question or a solution to his problem. If you answer that question and solve that problem, you will stand as a trusted brand or service provider to them. Adding answers to various questions on Q&A websites and educating the user about your product or service can help you drive relevant traffic for free. You can add links to your website so that after reading the answer, the user is pushed to click on the link and choose you as their service provider or go-to brand. Several others who visit the website will also get to know about your brand and after reading your answers, they would try to give your product a go. Thus, you will get more relent and satisfying traffic to your website.



At the end of the day, you need genuine traffic that can be utilized for your sale. Getting irrelevant traffic will only improve your bounce rate which is not considered good as far as Google’s Algorithm is concerned. Follow these techniques that are mentioned above and get relevant traffic to your website. 


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