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Importance of UI/UX development

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Importance of UI/UX development

Importance of UI/UX development


According to the reports around 30% of people uninstall the app within two or three regular days of installing it and most users leave a website in just half a minute. The question is simple like what do you first notice whenever you visit a website or an application? Probably the answer would be the interface and the experience-driven from the website and application.


When asked the top reason for not engaging with a website or an app was the UI (User interface) and UX (User experience) of the website and app. 


In today’s fast-paced society without spending much time and exhausting their busy brains, everyone wants to experience the best of technology as quickly as possible. The same goes hand in hand with surfing websites and mobile applications. Everyone wants the easiest and the fastest service. A user will only have a good experience when the UI/UX Development designs of the website and app are great. 


So, at the very first let us have a quick look at what exactly the fuss of UI/UX is all about. 


Definition of UI


UI stands for User Interface, a feature of a website or an application that allows its users to interact. It basically includes the presentation and interactivity of the screens, pages, buttons, and other visual elements expressing how the website exactly looks like. 


Definition of UX


UX stands for User Experience, a feature of a website or an application that narrates the overall experience that a user has collected while interacting with the website or the app. It includes the way the website loads, the time a user waits for the page to load, the way how the support service works, and others. 


Importance of UI/UX development



  1. Attracting and engaging users: We all know how important user engagement is for a brand. As user interface and user experience are all about the graphic elements used in the website and the application it helps to engage users in the app more which later on result in digging up the app. If users do not find the application or the website attractive they have no reason to head forward and explore more; they just exist and come out. So, in short, a good UI/UX ultimately helps in driving more engagement from the users. 


  1. Easy Navigation: In today’s busy life, comfort and easiness are something that most users prioritize. A good UI/UX will help users have easy navigation, save time. Users should be able to browse the app without any problem. 


  1. Business growth: Having a good UI/UX is ultimately linked to a user’s satisfaction and a user’s satisfaction is directly linked to business growth. The more satisfied a user is, the more is the chance of business growth. When the user interface is easy to use, effectively it will attract customers to avail your products and services which will help you to generate good revenue. 


  1. Improve usability: UI/UX is instrumental for the usability of the application. A website or an application is built for whom? The users. So, if the users do not find it effective and easy nothing counts. The way the site responds to the clicks, the ways images and icons load, the loading time are the factors that impact usability. So, by developing a great UI/UX design the usability of the website and the app automatically increases. 


  1. Helps to build brand value: Your website or the app is viewed as the representation of your brand on the internet. Now imagine if a user wants to know more about the brand they will look for the website of that brand right? So, all the things that the users surf for and take the experience from says a lot about the brand. For a brand to leave the best impression it is important to have a great UI/UX. Always try to offer an engaging visual and browsing experience that will help you build brand value. 


How to approach your website’s UI/UX development? 


Do you also have a business and are looking for UI/UX development. If yes, then you can maintain your UI/UX development and can by sticking to these three possible ways. 


  1. Hire Freelancer: With a great pool of talent to choose from in today’s work-from-home era, there are several companies that are looking forward to hiring a freelancer and getting their work done. Nowadays freelancers are considered as one of the most affordable options to take work from. While working remotely they need to have great communication skills through which they can communicate easily and can also control each task efficiently. 


  1. Hire an in-house team: At times there are many companies that hire an in-house team locally working on the project. This method is considered a bit more expensive than the others as one needs to provide several other facilities like rent a premises, look for specialists, interview them, etc. 


  1. Outsource your UI/UX development: Here outsourcing your UI/UX development means hiring a professional team that is created, has communication skills, and is managed in their work. The team will provide you with good work according to your project and can also work from home if needed. 


To make your website/application worth surfing and successful your website’s User Interface and User Experience have to be good. If you are planning to have your own website/application, then you are at the right place. We at MRMMBS Vision Pvt. Ltd. Is the best Web Development Company in Delhi that provides UI/UX development services at its best helps you provide the best results with the team that is well familiarized with the UI principles and the UX process? In case of any questions, feel free to contact us. 


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