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IoT - Paving the Way towards a Promising Future

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IoT - Paving the Way towards a Promising Future

IoT - Paving the Way towards a Promising Future

With all the traction that it is gaining, you might be compelled to think that IoT technology is relatively new. However, what if we told you that IoT technology is way older than you think? In fact, the technology is older than some of you are. The first time that the Internet of Things was proposed was in 1999. At the time though, the idea seemed absurd for the technology was massively underdeveloped. The current technological scenario, however, shows a completely different story. IoT devices have become a major part of mainstream devices. And they have done this so rapidly that the numbers are only expected to rise to 21 billion devices by 2025. And with the daily technological improvements, this number is only bound to go upwards. Therefore, it is only natural that we question the future vis-à-vis the developments in IoT technology.



Most Impactful Sectors

Before we can understand the impact that IoT will have on our future, we need to understand that they won’t magically transform the technology sector as a whole. Contrarily, it will individually enhance the various industrial sectors. Amongst the various sectors out there, the most important ones that IoT will impact, are Energy Management –In the next 25 years, our worldwide energy consumption will increase by 40%. To meet such needs, the energy industry has been vigorously investing in the field of IoT. It is predicted that technology will enable us to have higher efficiencies in energy production,  thus slowing down waste generation. Additionally, the technology will also create reliable sources of supply and cost-saving avenues by reducing the operating expenses via system modernization and minimized human efforts.

Healthcare –Healthcare is one industry which is already witnessing the implementation of IoT technology. The coming of wearables has allowed doctors to remotely monitor heart-rate levels, glucose levels, and much more. Real-time data gathering has allowed patients to receive care while staying within the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, IoT has also allowed doctors to efficiently and effectively manage their inventory by advanced asset management. Agriculture –With the massive increase in our population, the need to produce more food has become wholly evident. In fact, according to the UN, we will need to employ technologies that allow us to produce 70% more food in 2050 than we did in 2006. With the current IoT technologies, farmers can gather vital information that includes humidity, temperature, soil quality, and much more to improve their yield. Moreover, with the forecast data gathered, farmers can strong-arm themselves against impending situations to take steps and prevent or minimize the effects of the dire situations on their crops.






There exists no doubt that our world, one day, will completely be overtaken by the Internet of Things. And it won’t only be the energy, healthcare, agricultural sectors who will reap the benefits of this technology. Myriad other industries such as security, automobiles, networking, real estate, enterprises, and many more will be completely taken over by IoT, by bringing our lives in a complete circle. And even though it might seem complex now, in the future, it will be implemented with ease in our future to lead us towards a better future.

Posted By: Ashish

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