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The Succeeding Trend of the Digital World: Motion UI

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The Succeeding Trend of the Digital World: Motion UI

The Succeeding Trend of the Digital World: Motion UI


Imagine yourself as an online business owner that is trying hard to attract customers, but all in vain. You are trying all the possible means to attract and engage customers, but all they do is leave, which is letting you down. Worry not, just think: have you ever looked after the most basic reason that lets your audience take leave? If you answered "No," that means you need to look after the web design and motion UI as they constitute a major part of your web store. 

Just like, you would leave a site the moment you land on the home page and find out the site is not properly arranged, not responsive, not mobile-friendly, etc. similar happens with the users visiting a site with poor design and interface.

From heavy portals to dynamic, and interactive ones web designs play an important role in any website or app. They help in developing the much-needed elegance of the website. Gone are the days when generating traffic for the content was the only battle, for now, the entire battle lies in attracting and holding the customer in order to increase the user’s time span. As the world entirely relies on the internet, web design has come a long way by rapidly changing and evolving the trends of the forefront. One such major trend in web design is Motion UI

Motion UI is a modern art form or in-demand design style that leverages movement and animation in the user interface to help build an excellent user experience and help connect a sequence, next step, transition, and action involved in the digital product. The main aim of using motion UI in a website or app is to genuinely put life into the interfaces and capture the attention of the users.

Motion UI is a SaaS (Software as a Service) library that offers a diverse array of built-in transition and animation classes used for creating attractive and customized UI transitions and animations. Motion UI acts as an ultimate solution used in web development to overcome the boring user interface by applying different elements like fonts, colors, and icons. It helps make storytelling easier and spices up the normal user activity with something that is interesting. 

Activities where Motion UI can be implemented 

In order to attract and gain users on the site, there are several businesses that use motion UI in every part of the website or app, making it look clumsy and irritating. Performing the above practice will lead to zero or negative results. Instead, use motion UI in the below-mentioned area of the website or app to drive the user’s attention in the right direction.

1. Confirming the activities

Give wings to your imagination and creativity by using motion UI in delivering the confirmation of interactions performed by a user. In a website or an app, there are several areas where you can use Motion UI to work easily and in a conversational manner. For instance, activities like sending a message, deleting a message, submitting feedback, downloading files, etc. should be showcased in an animated way that attracts the attention of the users.


2.  Welcoming users

Who does not love to be received with a warm welcome? Everyone does. For a visitor, there is no greater thing than being warmly welcomed wherever they arrive. The same concept is followed by all the website and app owners. Motion UI can be used on a website or app to deliver a positive and engaging impression to the users. It is advised to use motion UI for welcoming the users, loading the app, etc. For instance, a greeting message by Apple says "Hello" in different languages.

Motion UI

3. Reloading the content

There are several websites and apps that are heavily loaded and updated with different content every now and then. Social media platforms and news portals come under this category. In order to provide the updated content, you need to keep the user on the page for a while, for which you can use motion UI to build an experience where they can slide down to update the content or click on the new buttons offered just like on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Information about the action

Whenever you have a new visitor on your website or app, it is your sole responsibility to provide them with knowledge of how they will use your site and how it will perform. In this situation, you can always create some animations using motion UI that depict the actions required to perform a task. 

For example, if you want to order your favourite cuisine from a food delivery service named Yummy Tummy, as soon as you land on the main page of the website or app, you are confused about what action to take next. With the help of motion UI, the service provider can create an animation that guides the user on how to order the food and what else they can get from the app or website. The guiding example can be indicated by searching for the cuisine and restaurant, selecting one, adding the products to the cart, moving the cart, adding address and payment details, and finally proceeding to the final payment of the order.

5. Creating and adding emotions and fun elements

Long gone are the days when websites and apps were merely considered as a sole depository for storing business-related data and information. In reality, enhanced by technology, websites and apps are now all about attracting and engaging customers to stay longer on the page. They focus on providing looks for dynamic content rather than static content on the website, which is fun to see and attracts users' attention. The fun elements that can be used are slides, scales, spins, zoom in, zoom out, etc. A site owner can use Motion UI or can ask a professional Website Design Services to guide and create one. 

Wrapping Up

It is designed with innovative ideas and strategies. Motion UI is the latest and biggest trend in the field of web development. It is considered a significant approach that makes a website or an app simpler, clearer, and brighter. Motion UI helps a business enrich the user experience and enhance the user engagement with the site. 



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