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What is Food Ordering Concepts?

Food Ordering concepts are on their peak now. The competition is not only in between Uber Eats, Zomato, Swiggy and other vendors but they are many small or big business houses doing well.

Also, market is always there to grab irrespective of the industry you are targeting but what you need to make sure is your delivering an ideal online solution based upon the industry. Considering Food Ordering concept, we suggest to have below features in order to have the ideal Food Ordering Website or Application solution:


What is Hybrid Application

Vendor Listing – Listing of Vendors should be quick and easy over the platform. While developing food ordering concept one needs to understand that food vendors might not be too frequent with internet and hence they must get easy interface to list themselves, manage their menu, orders etc.

Menu Listing - Option to upload the menu must be developed in such a way that a vendor gets through it easily. With the food there should be option to add ala-carte stuff which users can further add in their cart and order it. With the menu items, vendors might be given options to specify the time which they need to prepare it.

Customer & Restaurant Attributes

Orders Management – Once the order is received, vendors must get the notification and should have the option to accept or reject it. Upon acceptance user must be notified about an estimated delivery time based upon the lead time specified by the vendors to prepare the stuff.

Order Flow – Users who are actually placing the order must get to see quality interface along with some very easily available options like searching restaurants, searching cuisines, dishes etc. Users then can view the menu, add them in card, select options from ala-carte if want, select Sugar/Spice level for the food, add further products in cart, manage quantity of order, options to apply promotional coupons, add billing and shipping details and checkout should be there. Users must be get notification about the order time to time.

Acceptance from Delivery Boy/Allocation to delivery Boy – Once the order is placed and accepted by the vendor it must populate to the nearby delivery boys who can further accept to deliver the order. Upon acceptance delivery boy will get the details about the order and will take up from there.

Incentives of Delivery Boy – Based upon the orders delivered, delivery boy would be able to see the incentives calculations. Unavailability of the User – The concept must have online solutions for those orders where delivery boy could not reach the customer because of the unavailability of customer. In such cases delivery boy must be able to update the order details over the application which must go to the support team/admin who can further verify it and do the needful.

Invite and Earn – Users must be able to invite their friends over the website and application and get rewarded from there.

Discounts and other Features – Admin must be able to add discount coupons or loyalty coupons and send them to users in order to increase the sales.

Admin & Delivery Boy Attributes


Some of the Our Feautures for Food Delivery Application

User Management

Order Management

Vendor Management

Delivery People's Management

Realtime Tracking

Coupon Code Management

Push Notification