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Our solution will not just give you an online presence over internet but also certain features which makes our Website and application solution for your Hotel Ideal

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Hotel industry is one of the highly competitive industry now a days. The competition of hotels is not only limited to the interior which they use in their hotel but they also have to compete over their online presence. Competing online is not just necessary from the point of view of building a brand for itself but also it is required as the users now a days wants to everything online. From comparing the hotel, to booking the room and ordering food everything is done by the users online. This is a main reason why we not just need to build a high quality user friendly website about the hotel for our users but also need to promote it in order to get more traffic and bookings.

There are so many solution which a hotel owner may need while looking for a website or application solution for it however a few standard features are here which MRMMBS Vision provides to its clients while developing a website for Hotel Industry:




Management of Rooms and their Booking – Well, a hotel can take online and offline booking both. Hence we always prefer developing such a mechanism where online and offline; both the bookings can reflect and it gets easier for the staff to manage the things and inventory at the hotel. If the rooms and their bookings are not properly maintained then it may happen that a hotel owner get a client with confirmed booking and no room available. Hence we always synchronise the data of online and offline bookings at the Hotel so staff can manage things in a better way.


Management of Table Bookings – Now this is tricky. If there is a hotel which provides facility of table booking as well on arrival but not through the website than it means killing a lot of local business. We here again provide such a system while developing the website or application development solution for a hotel that if bookings are coming for tables then both online and offline bookings can be synchronised. By doing this

we make sure that any reservation of tables can be easily entertained and Hotel can earn the right profit against its resources.

Classification of Rooms – It is always necessary for hotels to classify their rooms in different categories and add available amenities for the same. Every users wants to know that what is included with the room like Wi-fi, Conference Room, Breakfast, Sea View etc. Such details helps users to compare rooms and confirm the booking.

Packages – We have seen hotels offering certain packages to users in which they can do the sight-seeing and enjoy the beauty of nature. For such hotels we always provide the option to add packages where they can define the complete details of the package with prices and let users book the same. This has become a good source of earning profits as users also like to get all the solution under one roof.

Refer and Earn – In order to gain popularity and build market, it is always advised to offer something to existing customer when they refer their friends or family. In this feature we let user get some credit points upon a successful reference from the user. This feature alone has helped many of the well-known companies to establish their business.

Discounts and Newsletter – You would never wish that your customers forget you. Hence it is very crucial that you don’t irritate your customer but keep in touch with them. This can be done through a periodic newsletter or discount coupons. We always give such feature to our customer of hotel industry so they can keep their audience alive.



There is much more to offer when it comes to Hotel industry but these were some basic things which we advise. You can always get in touch with us and let us help you with your requirements of Website and Application development. We also provide the services of branding and business promotion n which can yield more business for you. Our consultants are just One call away.


Here below are some of the Features we work upon:

User-Friendly Interface

Support for Multiple Languages & Currencies

Easy Management of Rooms

Google Maps Integration

Multi-booking System for Separate dates

Quick and Responsive Customer Support

Easy Search Option