Hybrid/Cross Platform Application Development

"Applications Which run on both Android & iOS"

Hybrid mobile apps have been a revolution in the I.T. Industry and now it has come way too far in order to provide you the Desired Results and Solutions

Hybrid Application Development Services

One Application running in all Operating Systems is not a dream anymore, Get best quality Hybrid Applications developed from MRMMBS Vision

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What is Hybrid Application

Mobile application and mobile phone has no doubt brought world closer. Few years back so many things were just in the imagination of mankind but today it has all become a reality. Mobile application on one hand has made things a lot easier, faster, secure and easy to access with a small device in your hand. However, making mobile apps were not that easy things for a ton of business houses because of the amount of investment required for the same.

Even if talk comes around developing a small mobile application, investments were huge as the app was supposed to be developed in Android and IOS separately. After development, maintenance and enhancement in those applications were again a subject of good investment. But in that situation, Hybrid application came as the saviour.

Hybrid application or cross platform applications, as the name suggest are the application which are developed with the view to run in all the platforms (now a days, it generally means Android and IOS). In Hybrid mobile applications, the developer creates one app in the framework which is supported by both Android and IOS. Hence the amount of investment in such application reduces a lot. Not exactly by half, but still Hybrid application saves you a lot. Even Facebook application was initially launched in Cross Platform form. As now you don’t know what to expect with the booming technology so you can expect everything. Our team of experts is there to help you in getting the best hybrid/cross platform mobile application for your business.


Some of the Frameworks for Hybrid Application Development

With the time so many platforms came into existence in order to provide a better environment to create a powerful cross platform application. We have also specialized ourselves in development of Cross Platform applications in various platforms.

Here below are some of the Platforms we work upon:

React Native



Apache Cordova



Onsen UI

Appcelerator Titanium