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"In the Era of Technology not only Business Houses but Even NGO's Need Website and Online Solution"

Developing Website for NGO's was just about getting a simple website years back but now with the change in Technology the Scope of Development has increased and MRMMBS Vision is there to provide you the Advance Website Solution for your NGO on pocket friendly prices

Website Development for NGO which serves you as your representative working with the society found of Technology

Developing a business website and developing a website for NGO are two different thing but that doesn't mean it can not get you online donations!! Get in touch with our expert team to get the right solution for website development for your NGO

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Website development is not limited to only business houses now. People are that much fond of technology that they get online and even browse NGO’s online making it important even for NGO’s to ensure their online presence and convey their ideas & objectives to the audience. While developing the website for NGO’s we understand that users must get clear idea about what the NGO is doing and how their contribution to the NGO will help in betterment of the society. There should also be content in the form of proof that NGO is actually working for the society and not misusing the contribution of its audience.
Though the scope is always vast while developing a website for NGO but still we advise to implement below features over the NGO website to make things work for them:

Section for Causes – NGO must be able to showcase the issues on which they are working for the society. They must be able to write the details about the issues, their point of view over the same, their stand for the issue and how they are planning to arrange a solution for it. They may also let users to comment and provide their opinion for the cause. This way an NGO can easily convey their stand over different issues and engage users with them.
Image Gallery – Over the site we advise NGO to have a section by which they can post images of the social work done by them. They should also put some details about the image like where it was take and what they had done. This way users feel more comfortable and confident about the NGO.
Video Gallery – Having a section where embedded videos of work done by NGO can be added can actually make a big difference. People believe what they see. NGO can even post videos of issues present in the society. For example the condition of rivers, condition of some areas where basic facilities are lacking and others can help users connect with them. Moreover if users see what the NGO has done in order to fix these issues then users get more confident while connecting and contributing in the social cause.

Donation and Invoicing – NGO can also provide option to users to contribute online for the social issues on which NGO is working. In order to contribute users can simply fill the amount which they want to pay along with their personal details and make the payment through their debit/credit card and get an invoice or receipt of the payment.
Subscription of Newsletter – Not all the time users can come online over the website and check for the update. In such case, NGO can have the option of newsletter by which they can send the email about the new issues directly to the users and specify how much difference their small contribution can make. This way users get updates and might contribute. Though we have many more things in our basket to offer but that all depends upon how an NGO is willing to work. If a small discussion is made around it, for sure our expert team can get you excellent solution.

Here below are some of the Features we work upon:

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