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What is Hosting

Running a website need 2 other things with the codes of the website which are Domain and Hosting. We are yet to discuss over domains but first we here discuss over the hosting services. Why a normal businessman has to understand that technical terms about these stuffs? What they have to do with it?

Website Hosting means providing space to the codes and database of the website over a server connected with World Wide Web. Once the codes are on the server, anyone opening your domain get to see the output of the codes written by you or your developer over their system but given that system of users is having internet connection. So, hosting is no doubt essential to run your website over internet or majorly speaking Hosting is putting your codes on the server which can connect it with internet.

Well actually a lot depends upon Hosting of the website. It can even ruin your business if taken lightly. There are a number of service providers offering plenty of packages of hosting sufficient enough to confuse a startup-business or small organisation or individual bloggers. There are companies who often fall for those hosting packages which do not offer them what they exactly need. MRMMBS Vision have come across such cases where companies are paying as much as 500 USD for Hosting twice a year, some companies paying huge amount on SSL or Business E-mail Accounts. Sometimes we have seen cases where companies get frustrated with these costs and give up upon online business.

Startups need to understand that Hosting of the website should not cost more than 60-70 USD a year and SSL now days is free given that you need to generate it online and renew after every 3 months. There are hosting providers like Go-daddy which allow you to install third party SSL certificate over their server whereas service providers like fasthosts gives you this option in their Cloud Service. And in their normal package there is no option of install a third-party SSL certificate and not to forget Google and other search engines prefers websites with SSL certificate and more importantly they mark the website without SSL as not secure ones. So, if you plan a website then chose the hosting package which can offer you easy going services with SSL certificate as you would not want your users to see “Not Secure” red-coloured text with your domain in URL bar.

There are a few types of hosting given below as per the size of website and monthly users:

Small size enterprises and start ups : if you are running a single website, be it upto a store level you can easily go with shared hosting and chose service providers like Go-daddy or Blue Hosts or others for the same. They provide very cheap hosting where you can host the website and also use the server e-mails as your professional business mails. So you save here, along with that you can use SSL certificate of encrypt to get a free SSL certificate but they need to be renewed with zero cost every three months. This case your spending will be very less when it comes to running cost of the site.

Medium Scale Business houses: For medium scale business houses it is good to shift on cloud hosting as your requirements in terms of speed and database increases. Fasthosts provides quality services of Cloud hosting but in some of their packages they don’t offer server e-mail so user shift over Go-daddy or other service providers. Cloud servers can easily handle a traffic of 50000 visitors a month or more, even upto 100000 visitors. As in cloud services you can always increase specs of your server as per your requirements. It is also important to see that how many visitors you get at one point of time. The issue of server crash comes not when you get huge visit all over the month but when you get large number of traffic at one point of time and server is unable to response the client site queries and store the cache. So with your growth, you also need to see the usage of your server and increase its capacity time to time. And if possible, one should hire a developer or sever administrator on this point.

Large Scale Business Houses with Huge Traffic: If you are getting huge amount of traffic which means in millions a month then you need to make your server strong and must with a dedicated server, or in case you are into the business of website development and hosting thousands of sites. These are the stages when you need to have a dedicated server and you can rely on any good service provider for this and choose a server with best combinations.


What is Included in Our Hosting Package:

Email Accounts for your Domain with Email Hosting

SSL Certificate for your Domain

E-mail Hosting: Services of email hosting is must for any organisation if they want to deal with their customers professionally. With website development we always include website and e-mail hosting services. As we ourselves believe in delivering professional services hence we don’t put our clients in the situation where they have to pay for every small thing. We understand that things like Business emails are required and we include them without any cost. Moreover, our e-mail hosting doesn’t only include creating e-mail accounts and providing a webmail interface to our audience to deal with it but we also include services of managing those mails and configuring in the outlook. We always go an additional mile while delivering services to our clients and hence we don’t want you to suffer or do brain storming for these things. MRMMBS Vision is here as your services provider and hence everything there in terms of running business online is taken care by us.


Why is SSL Important ?

SSL Certificate – SSL certificate is somewhere a required thing now, no matter what type of website or business you are having. You don’t want to see that red-coloured mark by search engine saying “Not Secured” in URL bar. But What is SSL Certificate? And what difference does it make? And on what ground companies can make money out of you with this tool? Yes we can ask this third question as MRMMBS Vision is here to help you not to take money out of your pocket.

SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer. Before going anything deeper into it, just a question do you remember this text “Messages to this chat and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption”; if you are guessing where you see this then open up Whatsapp, and click on any contact and view their profile, you will notice this message. Now what does that mean? Sorry for putting another question instead of answering one.

Before going onto this you need to understand a few things. Consider you are using one website say amazon and you perform a search for Ramika’s Chest of Drawers and hit enter, then this search goes to server in the form of a query and server sends you back some results from its database and shows it to you in the form user interface language so you don’t see codes but a chest of drawer in result. The point here is when you browse a website and enter data, it goes to server, server reads & understand it and then it sends you back the results which are displayed on your screen. SSL certificate basically encrypts this data so when data (in form of query or anything) is sent to the server and when you get the results nobody else can actually see and misuse it. We here talking about Hackers by saying nobody.

Similarly, your chats over whatsapp are also encrypted as when you chat with your contact on whatsapp, message which you send to your contact reaches them through server. So first your message goes to whatsapp server and then server sends that your contact and with end to end encryption you get this surety that nobody in between will be able to see what you are communicating. So, overall whatsapp cares about your privacy (atleast this is what their message means) and it is done using SSL Certificate. Hope you would have understood a little what SSL does.

Today, you put a lot of data online over websites, from your logging details, to your personal details to your Card Details as well or other financial details, all these data need protection to some level. If Technology is enhancing day by day then it brings pros and cons both with it which means there are constantly negative threats getting strong and in order to keep yourself safe, you need to get such precautions like SSL certificate.

When SSL is integrated, the website opens as https://www.domainname.com instead of http://www.domainname.com and here ‘S’ stands for the security that SSL brings over your connection to the server. SSL encrypts all the data which a user sends to server from user interface over the website which is decrypted as and when required but in between no third party gets to see what information being sent to the server. So, in this way it provides data security to one end.

Keeping the increase in cyber-crime in mind, search engines and particularly Google declared it that it will prefer the site with SSL in its organic results. Top of that if you know about Shopping Ads of worlds’ largest search engine then you might know that it doesn’t allow the website to run display ads without having SSL certificate configured, which means SSL is must if you want to run display ads over google. So, to some extent Google Prefers sites with SSL and it is definitely promoting implementation of SSL certificate over websites.

Even Google Chrome started showing Not Secure Mark in URL bar for the sites which are not having SSL certificates just to promote secure browsing of users. But at the end yes, content remains the kind when it comes to organic ranking of a web-page but still not having ssl can cause you some loss. Now this practise of marking site without ssl as Not Secured ones has been started by other web-browsers as well.

Hope you would be clear by now that what is SSL certificate and why you need it over your website.