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An Intrinsic Guide to Benefits of WordPress Development

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An Intrinsic Guide to Benefits of WordPress Development

An Intrinsic Guide to Benefits of WordPress Development

Since the 1990s N number of things have been introduced to the audience but a few things are still timeless like Friends, Pokemon, and the internet. A lot has come and gone but these things are constant if we talk about the internet from dial-up to chrome to IoT. The internet has thoroughly infiltrated our lives. 


From using the internet on a limited basis to just avail the needful to constantly using and scrolling the internet throughout the day things have changed a lot. For the past few years, the concept of using the internet and accessing all the needful online is touching the skies. People are openly using the internet, accessing the website, shopping, and paying their bills online which shows the constant blast users are having. 


Apart from the audience the business industry is also turning up and making the most out of it from the internet. From small-scale businesses to large-scale businesses everyone is switching to the internet mode to get their online business started by developing a website. 

Whether you are getting your business started, or in between, or you are learning to make your online presence you have to make a website. Now the question arises how am I supposed to develop a website? What is the procedure? How to select the right platform and others? 


The answer is pretty much clear. One can use wordpress development services provided by website development companies for better developing, creating, and managing the website. Designed in 2003 WordPress is currently considered the #1 CMS (Content Management System) making online publishing available for everyone. According to the reports WordPress currently runs around 35% of the entire internet and powers around 19.5 million websites. WordPress is the site builder of choice for leading enterprises like CNN, TIME, Disney, and USA Today providing versatile, flexible, and scalable features. 


Right from its beginning in 2003 to the present times WordPress has gained immense popularity and acts as the ideal choice for developing highly interactive websites by providing a large number of benefits and advantages. Without wasting much time let us move forward with the top 10 benefits of wordpress development explaining why you might consider using a WordPress platform for your business website. 


  1. Flexible: One of the best things about WordPress is its flexibility. It is the platform where you can start small and grow big, one can easily start with a simple website and can then scale it according to their choice. With its flexible solution, it provides various solutions to take advantage of like Brochure websites, e-commerce websites, membership sites, blogs, and forums. There have been businesses that started small from a one-page website but now are successfully leading a bigger site with all the essentials pages like home, about us, privacy policy, services, contact, and others all with the help of WordPress. 


  1. SEO-friendly: When building a website one of the most important factors to look after is SEO. Always prefer selecting that CMS platform that is highly SEO-friendly in nature. SEO helps you optimize your website, informs about what is going around the website, and most importantly helps rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others delivering organic searches. In the case of WordPress, it is a win-win situation as Google likes WordPress. 


WordPress development


  1. Frugal and cost-efficient: Gone are the days when developing a website used to cost you an arm and leg. With WordPress, it is rugal and cost-efficient as it is freely available, few plugins and apps are free and are open-source which can be edited as per the convenience and the rest are for a paid version that costs a few dollars. When compared to other alternatives WordPress is an extremely cheap CMS platform providing tons of benefits to utilize. 


  1. Easy to set up and use: One of the most liked features or benefits of WordPress is its easy installation and use. To download and install WordPress you do not need technical skills, only basic knowledge about WordPress would help you a lot.  WordPress provides numerous plug-in and easy-to-understand and use interfaces which helps in hassle-free site management. 


  1. Complete customization: Selecting WordPress as the platform for developing a website is fruitful in many ways as it provides custom web development which means it offers 100% customizable web design, and your complete control on the site. From the design to the backend to everything you can edit the website at your convenience and choice.


  1. Open source and free: To raise a hand towards the budget-conscious owners of small-scale businesses WordPress makes it easier by being an open-source and free platform. Anyone can download it and use it free of cost. It also provides several free plug-ins and themes to use. 


  1. Self-activating updates: Yet another wonderful feature of WordPress is self-activating updates. While you are using WordPress Content Management System for your business the stress of updating the platform every now and then according to the industry can be a bit tricky but with WordPress, one can easily switch the tab of the automatic update on and the rest of WordPress will handle. It will automatically self-activate the updates in just one single click.  


  1. Extended range of plugins/ apps: WordPress has a complete extended range of unique, amazing, and affordable plugins and apps that can be used to improve functionality. WordPress has around 54,000+ plugins that can help you customize and run WordPress on your terms. The plugins offered are email marketing plugins, design plugins which you can include in your website as Twitter feeds, image galleries, FaceBook, events calendars, etc. 


  1. Security: The myth that WordPress is not a secure and reliable platform of content management has been debunked. Now, website development on WordPress has top-notch security and also has several security plugins which one can use and make their website hacking-proof. 


  1.  Mobile-friendly: Around 50% of the World’s traffic use mobile phones to surf the internet. To stand firm in the market your website should always be mobile-friendly, it should be developed in a manner that clearly supports mobile themes and their views. To create such a website WordPress provides you with several mobile-friendly themes and plugins which you can use to create a responsive website. 

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