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Tips to Generate Traffic from Facebook & Instagram

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Tips to Generate Traffic from Facebook & Instagram

Tips to Generate Traffic from Facebook & Instagram

Traffic in today’s digital world has more significance than ever before. 

People nowadays are using different ways and means to generate more traffic for their websites and social media is a big aspect of that. Without social media, traffic generation would have been way more difficult but, it does not mean that it is easier now. Generating traffic from social media is not a fluke, it requires the use of the right skill set to elevate your brand through marketing on platforms like Facebook & Instagram. So, today we are about to share with you the 9 tips through which relevant traffic can be generated through both these platforms. 


Let’s get started-:


1. Paid Ads Policy

Both Facebook &Instagram has paid ads policy. You can run your campaigns over these platforms and make your audience view your product or service. But, unfortunately, this system has been overused. People think that this is an easier form of marketing and is the only way to derive traffic back to your website. That is not true. There are many other ways as well. Paid ads can be beneficial if used strategically. The unfortunate thing is that people do not have any strategy behind their investment. They let their efforts lose after running the ad. 


2. CTA Addition

After telling the full story about your product or service, where do you want the customer to go? They are surely not typing in the URL of your website on their browser in most cases. So, you need to leave a call to action at the end of each post on your Facebook &Instagram pages. This will allow them to redirect to your website after which they can make their purchase or fetch their information. In this way, more and more people will be able to come to your website.

3. Engagement

Facebook and Instagram are all about engagement. People like to use these platforms to talk to each other and establish relations. As an emerging brand, you have to do the same. You must go and comment on everything they are posting in the comments that concern you. By this, a sort of engagement will be created and then you can ask those visitors to come to your website. This will also help them to establish a trust factor along the lines of conversation. So, never miss a chance to engage on your social media pages. 


4. Post Images instead of Text

You require a good graphic designer as well along with a content/copywriter. People today focus more on visual content than just rough text. They want to get the idea of your post within seconds so that they can identify whether or not it is worth reading and in that images play a big role. With the help of properly designed images, you can push your point across to the audience without asking them to read a 200 words paragraph. Everybody likes to save their time on social media while scrolling and your audience are no different. 

5. Pick the right Time to Post

Just because you are being asked to post on Facebook &Instagram pages does not mean that you should be posting stuff now and then. That may irritate your users and they might unfollow your page. So, you need to pick the right time to post your content. You need to figure out the time when your audience is most active on both these platforms and that is when you need to shoot your post. That would have a larger impact than just posting randomly. 


6. Craft Shareable Content

A person will only share your content if they find something informative and factual that they have never found before. So, you must focus on crafting content that not only resonates with your audience but, is good enough to share. Additionally, you must also ensure that share buttons are active on your page and your content is visible to everybody who is using the internet. Nice sharable content pays dividends in the future because it will redirect more traffic to your website and more people will make purchases from your site. 


7. Learn Promotion Techniques

It does not matter how much effort you put in to craft a beautiful Facebook &Instagram post, you must know all the ways to promote it. A post that is meant to benefit thousands should not only stay among a group of 10 people rather it should spread across the internet. Promotion through paid ads and guest posting can be two of the most effective ways to promote one’s post. The more people see a post, the more it gets viral. So, make sure that you employ an equal amount of time promoting it than you did preparing it. 


8. Keep your profiles Updated

After a person lands on your page, the first thing he wants to know about is YOU! If he does not get any idea about who you are and what you do, chances are he will leave your page and would never come back. So, always emphasize keeping your profiles updated at all costs. Try to add more and more about you in the least words possible. You must be able to convey a lot about yourself in just 140 characters or less. Also, do not forget to add your website’s URL at the end.


9. Do SEO Analysis

More people will be able to find you through keywords than by running paid ads on your Facebook &Instagram page so you need to ensure that you are all good with your page optimization. Use SEO tools to optimize your post for your audience and add the relevant keywords to let people find you.



Although most people rely on paid ads to do all the stuff, social media does not work that way. Yes! It is one aspect of it but, not all of it. Without proper SEO optimization and good quality visual content, your post won’t get viral and does not bring you more traffic. Use these tips mentioned above and redirect more traffic to your website through Social Media Optimization


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