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Joomla Development: A New Era of Perfect Web Development Solution

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Joomla Development: A New Era of Perfect Web Development Solution

Joomla Development: A New Era of Perfect Web Development Solution


In the world of rapid change to keep up with the competition and contemporaries everything can be handled by building an attractive, arresting, and bug-free website that gives the world a run for their money. Similarly, are you hunting options for developing an excellent web development application or a website? If yes, then Joomla website development is for you. Now, you must be wondering why to use Joomla for the entire website development? The answer is that Joomla has special features at an affordable cost. Under this article, we will introduce you to Joomla development sharing all the details on why to use Joomla? How to use it? etc. 


Core Information about Joomla Development 


Joomla is an open-source content management system with PHP as a base supporting OOP (Object Oriented Programming). In general, a content management system is software that helps develop, manage, and edit the content with less workload and Joomla development is one of the widely used CMS platforms that helps the client create dynamic, content, and graphic-rich web pages and websites. Along with reducing the excessive workload of building, managing, editing the content, maintaining the data storage, and other functions Joomla development acts like backend management and offers interfaces that create content on the behalf of the visitors. 


Joomla is considered to be the second most used content management system over the internet after Wordpress all because of its features, customizability which offers endless free extensions and templates to meet the needs of the clients, and also due to the fact that it has been downloaded more than 30 million times. 


Joomla is a set of numerous extensions, tools, functions, and plugins used for the betterment of the website. Below mentioned are the main extensions offered by Joomla. 

  1. Modules of Joomla: Modules of Joomla are the lightweight extensions inserted in a page to display pre-configured content.

  2. Joomla components: The core Joomla components are the front page (the page used to display content on the front page), weblinks (different link categories), banners (banners of advertising).

  3. Templates of Joomla: Templates of Joomla refer to an extension that changes the looks of your site. Joomla has 2 different templates: Front-end templates, back-end templates. The front-end controls the view appearing to the audience and the back-end controls the database or the inner side of the website.

  4. Plugins: Plugins in Joomla refers to the extensions with trigger events. 


Purpose of Joomla Development 


A normal Joomla development includes all the basics of the development whereas an effective Joomla development ensures the success, proper integration, processing, and representation of the data present on your website. Joomla severs the below-mentioned purposes like: 

  1. Customization: Joomla is widely used for the action of modifying and customization. It has hundreds of verified third-party extensions, thousands of quality templates, layouts, and override systems, etc. With the help of these hundreds and thousands of customized solutions, Joomla makes customization easy and extended.
  2. Design integration: With Joomla design integration is easy which helps bring two or more parts together. It helps bring people together, helps people communicate, collaborate, etc by providing the best practice designs and development approaches, etc. 

Joomla Development

  1. Template designing: Templates control the overall look and layout of the site. The template designing in Joomla helps to change the look of the site design without coding. Joomla provides several templates of high quality that can be used to design the website and maintain the look you want for your website. 

  2. Content development and management: Joomla serves the best purpose of content development and management as it provides a robust content management system that helps you develop unique and authentic content and also serves a variety of ways in which you can get them done and manage the content later on. Content development is easy with Joomla due to different tools, plugins, templates, etc. 

  3. Extension and module development: Joomla is used for extension and module development. It provides several extensions in the form of framework, module, and templates, etc. 


Why Should Joomla Be an Ideal Choice? 


Joomla is the second most widely used content management system that provides a number of services for website and app development. Below mentioned are important amenities from which Joomla makes an ideal choice. 

  1. Cost-effective: Website development with Joomla is simple and cost-effective as it has numerous functions, features, tools, templates of high quality that a user can avail of at zero cost. The factor of being cost-effective is also one of the reasons why Joomla is the second most used content management system. 

  2. Simple to set up: Another factor that makes Joomla a perfect choice for website development is that the process of setting up Joomla is just like a piece of cake. One can easily set up Joomla on a local server in their preferred device. 

  3. Great designs: The flexible system and great designs of Joomla makes it an ideal choice. Joomla provides hundreds of verified third-party extensions, various functions, and navigation menus. The designs present in your package are simple to use and can be used by both a beginner or a professional. Joomla also provides different paid versions of the package which you can avail and can discover a broad range of high-quality templates with impeccable support and GUI (Graphical User Interface). 

  4. Deliver vibrant websites: One of the basic benefits of Joomla is that it helps you create and deliver a vibrant website. With the help of providing different colors, text, font styles, font sizes, etc Joomla dedicatedly helps in making the website vibrant and live.

  5. Search engine friendly: Joomla is search engine friendly as it has an in-built functionality of SEO that performs the basic SEO like adding meta descriptions and keywords all by yourself. It helps in raising the website’s organic search result by generating front-end site maps for the users and XML sitemaps for search engines. 

  6. Open-source: With having an open-source infrastructure Joomla is available for everyone to download for free and uses PHP and MySQL as the primary language in the base. It helps developers from all around the world to write new extensions, and support the CMS. 


The surefire way to develop a top-notch product is to design and create it with extreme efforts and knowledge. Similarly, if you are willing to develop a website with Joomla explore and select the best out of the list provided by Mrmmbs Vision Pvt. Ltd. the top web designing company in Delhi. The list includes options for both the free and paid templates provided by Joomla.


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