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E-Learning Made Simple: An Ultimate Guide To Electronic Learning

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E-Learning Made Simple: An Ultimate Guide To Electronic Learning

E-Learning Made Simple: An Ultimate Guide To Electronic Learning


For the past few years, people around the world have welcomed and accepted the information age with open arms. An era in which we saw and experienced a vigorous shift from traditional to the digital industry. In the age of the internet, technology, computer, and smartphones we are now more highly accessible to the available information than before which has led to a noticeable shift in both the education sector and business sector by encouraging more companies to turn to E-learning platforms in order to enrich and upgrade their employees. The concept of E-learning (Electronic Learning) is not new to the world as it was coined by Elliott Masie in 1999 and is celebrating its twenty-two years for now.


What is E-Learning? 


E-learning is the act or a type of learning that is conducted through digital resources like computers, the internet, smartphone, and software programs. Based on formalized learning it is the versatile and the easiest way of learning which can be availed by anyone, anytime and anywhere. In general, E-learning is education delivered online through digital devices.


History of E-learning? 


The term ‘E-learning’ was used professionally in 1999 and was coined in the same year by Elliott Maisie, an educational technology expert. From 1999 to 2021 e-learning has earned its reputation and has gone from strength to strength by facilitating millions of people around the world. To deliver the most out of it there are several factors that facilitated e-learning in becoming the most popular. 

  1. The internet: The rise of the internet has played a major role in the advancement of e-learning. Prior to the era of the internet, people used to rely on CD-ROMS and printed materials. The introduction to the internet allowed practicing flexibility of e-learning. 
  2. Development of multimedia: With the growing pace of e-learning the development of multimedia helps by inserting different media content in the modules. It made the content easier and more fun to understand. 
  3. Development of LMS: The development and arrival of LMS (Learning Management System) has become more sophisticated. It helps train people easily.
  4. Introduction of digital devices: The development of digital devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. have and are playing a major role in the future and history of e-learning.

What are the common types of E-learning methods? 


As E-learning can be offered and accessed with the different electronic devices below mentioned are some common types of E-learning methods that can be used to deliver education. 

  1. Online courses: Online course one of the E-learning methods refers to the learning material or online courses provided by learning management systems. They are delivered at a steady rate, organized into sections to make it easier for the audience. Skillshare and Udemy are popular online course providers.
  2. Virtual Tutoring: Virtual tutoring refers to the process of finding a tutor online who would teach you subjects virtual via video communication methods like Skype and Zoom. Websites like MyTutor and TutorHub provide virtual tutors.

  3.  Apps & Software: People are discovering new possible methods of E-learning that provide the possibility of self-teaching just by installing an app or software. Platforms like Duolingo and Uberchord are the ones that help people learn. 
  4. Digital Materials: Another method of E-learning is digital materials which refer to the delivery of readable content in the form of E-books, PDF documents, videos, and slideshows, etc. 


The advantages of E-learning for business

  1. Cost-effective: One of the greatest advantages of all is that E-learning is cost-efficient as compared to traditional classroom education. With the help of  E-learning the cost of paying teachers, rent, learning resources, and other expenses of traditional learning will be cut down resulting in low cost. 

  2. Saves time: Time is precious, and to save it and make the most out of it E-learning provides an organization with the advantage to save time. E-learning is the process that helps save the time of the people. If anyone is interested in educating their employees they can create a course and can send it to the employees. 

  3. Upgrades performance and productivity: E-learning delivers the advantage of quick and easy learning throughout the training. E-learning helps in completing the training earlier and helps upgrade performance and productivity. The flexibility of learning at their own pace and place provides them the zeal and keeps them motivated to achieve the goals.

  4. Provides convenience: E-learning is considered one of the most convenient forms of learning providing all the benefits that a person can avail of from anywhere, anytime, and from any device like Laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. One can study while traveling on vacation, commuting to work, or just staying at home. 

  5. Sustainability: E-learning platforms are zero waste as the reading material present does not require pages, usage of machines which helps in protecting our environment. According to the reports, E-learning companies are 90% more efficient and sustainable than traditional courses. 

  6. Improves employee engagement:  The task of increasing the employee’s engagement is difficult to handle but via E-learning it is easy. According to the reports, a less, actively engaged workforce is less attentive and happy whereas engaged employees are happier. 


Closing words 


Geographical boundaries and other problems had made learning difficult for teachers and students but with the advancement of technology, access to information has been made a lot easier and faster. People are free to access the articles, news videos, and other content from digital platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, etc. 


By offering convenience, collaboration, and opportunities E-learning has become an important tool used by organizations, tutors, students, and others from around the world. In order to survive in the market, an organization should evolve and adapt to the changes of the world. 


Organizations that are serious about the survival of their organization in the market should evolve and update what their employees learn, and how they learn it. To keep things crystal clear and develop an e-learning platform exclusively for your organization, always consider hiring the best web designing and development company. We at Mrmmbs provide you with the best facilities in web designing and development. In case of any query feel free to contact us. 

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