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Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

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Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


AMP as we all know Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is important to optimize your website pages according to the Mobile browser as the mobile operating system is different so the loading time of the website is as per the website pages.

Site owners began looking forward to a faster mobile experience when Google launched the mobile-friendliness update and eventually made it one of the mobile search engine ranking factors.

According to Google AMP is the best plug-in that cuts down the speed and faster the website page loading time on mobile.


This increase in loading time affects hugely Search Engine Optimization as webmasters affect web pages of Mobile Phones. As a result, AMP has a huge impact on mobile search engine rankings.

Website pages that are AMP–optimized rank faster and better and obviously convert more mobile page visitors into customers.


In simple terms, Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source initiative project designed to optimize faster mobile pages. It’s like taking a page that’s already mobile-friendly and making it load quicker, by stripping it down to basics.

There are significant benefits of AMP like site speed, page views, and mobile search engine rankings.

One thing that you have to remember is that whenever a particular web page loads up quickly, mobile browser users will view more pages on the site, thereby reducing the bounce rate.


When the bounce rate is reduced and the onsite experience increases, Google will reward the page. You shouldn’t be surprised to find AMP plug-in pages ranking higher than non-AMP’s. 

With improved SEO and high-performance web pages, provide a smooth browsing experience to the users and evolve your business.

  • Reduced Bounce Back Rate

Project your website that is compatible and easily accessed across all browsers. Getting a user-friendly website contributes to a lower bounce rate.

  • Google AMP Stamp

Explore data in the search traffic sections and analyze the mobile responsiveness of your website with the inbuilt AMP feature.

  • AMP Vs Responsive

Unlike Responsive Web Design, it not only focuses on the design but also enhances the user experience with its incredible SEO factor.

  • Instant Delivery of Content

The framework of AMP is designed to deliver the content instantly to mobile users with a great effect speed.

  • Higher Outreach

Rank your website higher in search engines using AMP. Let your website be reachable and be able to be added to Google's Index.

  • Extensive Conversion

With the improved SEO, an increase in the number of visitors turns into potential customers and then into conversions.

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