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10 Best Email Marketing Tools to Enhance your Reach

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10 Best Email Marketing Tools to Enhance your Reach

10 Best Email Marketing Tools to Enhance your Reach

We all use emails to send out attachments, auto-replies, and manage subscriptions and clients but, it is still not viewed as a good way to market the products and services. To a lot of marketers around the globe, email marketing is not considered to be a primary medium for marketing maybe because they haven’t realized its worth yet. Email Marketing can enhance your reach drastically, you simply need the right tools to do that. With the use of these tools your marketing goals with being met easily with greater ROI. So, here are those 10 email marketing tools that you must install-:


1. Send In Blue

If you do not have a heavy budget to invest in email marketing, SendInBlue is for you. The best part about this email marketing service is that they do not charge you based on the number of contacts that you have rather, your price is determined based on Email volume. In simple words, you pay when you send an email and not when your list gets enhanced. 


2. Constant Contact

This tool is rated very high by marketers. Some of them believe that it is the best email marketing tool in the market. Manufactured in 1995, this tool provides you with 60 days of free trial where you can integrate various third-party applications, event management tools, and social media tools as well. With Constant Contact, you also get phone, email, and free live chat support for the users. Moreover, it also assists you with guided techniques through which you can improve your email list and retain the email subscriptions. 


3. Mail Chimp

If you are looking to have the best free tool to shoot emails to your clients and collect emails regularly, look no further than Mail Chimp. Using their services over 10 billion emails are being sent out daily. They are an ever-growing firm with multiple benefits. 


Here are some of them-:

  1. Social Media Integration 
  2. Sending emails based on the time zones 
  3. Integration of various applications. 
  4. Auto Responding 
  5. Segmenting the Contact.
  6. A/B test
  7. And more…

By using Mail Chimp, you will be able to compile multiple tasks and finish them at once with just one tool.


4. Get Response

If you are a medium-sized business, this tool can save a lot of time and money for you. GetResponse can help you in building landing pages for your potential customers and create webinar solutions for the conversion of your target audience. Through the use of this tool, you can integrate various types of software, auto-respond to emails, and test A/B. The best part about this tool is that it does not require you to hold any special skill to operate it. 


5. Drip

For bloggers, eCommerce website owners, and small marketers, Drip software can be very beneficial. It will provide you the insights on who is coming to your website or blog and buying your stuff and what is your bounce rate. It also allows you the means to father utilize this information and rectify your mistakes if any. Through Drip you can integrate WooCommerce, WordPress, Facebook, and much other software in one go. 


6. Convert Kit

This email software was mainly built for creators aka bloggers, vloggers, Instagram stars, Twitter stars, and authors. ConvertKit has its in-built landing page which is why you do not even have a website to take things forward. Integration with Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram will easily do. They provide you with email segmentation, in-depth subscriber management, tagging, and much more. You essentially get to know a lot about the people who visit your social media profile and subscribed to your email list.


7. Keap

Previously known as Infusionsoft is the go-to email marketing software for medium-sized firms. Keap allows you to have both CRM and email marketing on one dashboard. You can create the profile of your customers and view their financial spending of the previous months. You can also manage your sales, subscribers, contacts in Keap’s Dashboard. You can easily manage your long-term and short-term goals by using this software. It allows you to build a sequence of emails and events that will help you in meeting your goal in time. 


8. AWeber

Probably the oldest tool around to date AWeber has been dominating the market for 18 years. You get everything that you expect from an email marketing tool. From software integration, follow-up email sequence, deliverability rates, open rate data, A/B testing, etc. AWeber also has various designed temperate, drag & drop email builder,s and plug-in integration for your email. It also provides a deep analysis of customer and email data to help you build your email strategies. Moreover, it also allows you to set up email signup forms on your blog or website. 


9. ActiveCampaign

This tool is best suited for big-sized companies who are looking for advanced email marketing, automation, and CRM. ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one tool for both your email marketing and SMS marketing as well. They aim to provide such a platform where the users do not have to send out multiple emails to attain the desired results. Through this tool, you can also send out SMSs to the users whom you want to contact via phone. The software also allows you the integration of various applications as well.


10. MailerLite

This tool is essentially made for website owners, small businesses, and freelancers. Through this tool, you can set up your email list properly and it also does not have the excess features to leave you baffled. Unlike other companies, they do not aim to provide everything in one place instead they focus on the right thing at the right place for the user. You can buy MailerLite’s plan for free where you can manage 1 to 1000 subscribers. Install any of these 10 email marketing software based on your target size and requirements. They will surely provide the best results. 


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