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Progressive Web Apps - The Future of Web Applications

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Progressive Web Apps - The Future of Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps - The Future of Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications

If you’re into developing web applications, then there remains no doubt that you might have been acquainted with the term progressive web applications. Progressive Web Applications or PWAs refer to mobile applications which have been derived by common technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. However, these are designed to be better than traditional web applications. This is particularly due to the fact that these applications are designed to meet certain requirements which are unavailable in traditional web applications.


The Need ForDeveloping A PWA

When you are developing a web application, you need to think akin to a user who would use the applications. Often, these users want quicker applications. At other times, they want a rich interface which appeals and charms them. Or at other times, they just want an application which works even without the availability of an Internet connection. In fact, a lot of users discard the apps even if they find that the apps lack even one such feature. It was to get across this limitation that PWAs were developed.

Requisites for PWAs                                                                             

In order for a web application to be accepted as a PWA, there is a myriad range of requirements that it needs to fulfill. A few of these requisites include:   

  • Rapidity –PWAs are engineered to be quicker than traditional web applications. They are created so that they respond quickly to the instructions transferred with the help of smooth animations without any obstacles while scrolling.
  • Reliability –PWAs are developed in a way in which they can load instantaneously. They don’t fail even in the most drastic of situations and never display a ‘No Internet Connectivity’ page to the user.
  • Engaging Functionality –The PWAs are developed to give a natural feel on the application when used in a particular device. Moreover, they provide an immersive user experience that completely charms the user.
  • Secure –PWAs pay special care to the security features of the applications. These apps do not want the content or functionality of the app to be disturbed by pesky hackers who want to disrupt the workings of the app. In order to accomplish this, these apps are equipped with a layer of HTTPS.
  • InstallableBeing installable is another important factor in progressive web applications. They are developed in a manner in which they can not only be executed on mobile phones in an app window but they can also be installed according to the preference of the users.



Even though progressive web applications are not highly recent, they have still been in the marketplace for some while. In spite of this, there are very few companies which use the technology for developing deployable applications. As a result, there is a vast market for such applications. By mastering the fundamental technologies of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as using the powers of powerful frameworks such as Ionic, Redux, Angular Js, React, Polymer, etc. you can easily start to develop award-winning applications that are massively demanded in the marketplace.

Posted By: Tanya Arora

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