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Best Magento Extensions To Use In 2022

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Best Magento Extensions To Use In 2022

Best Magento Extensions To Use In 2022


Being one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that rank 2nd on the list, Magneto does not need its justification. It is the ecommerce platform powering online stores and is being used all over the world. Magento powers around 4% of ecommerce websites over the internet, and 7% of the top million websites. 


Developed by Varien Inc. in 2008 Magento has an exciting history of its development. The name Magento was derived from the color name Magenta which later on was developed as the original logo of Magento. It is an open-source ecommerce platform developed that offers a flexible shopping cart system, content services, and different functionality of the online stores. 


Using Magento as an ecommerce platform and content management system offers different benefits like a large capacity to manage products, it is search engine optimization, it is highly customizable, and others. Individuals and businesses operating on a different scale size use Magento due to its higher customization feature and other benefits of thousands of extensions available. 


Reasons you need Magento Extensions

Magento offers more than 5000 extensions both for free and paid. The paid extensions offered by Magento start from $50. Magento extensions are used by users for several reasons. 

  1. Saves your additional development costs. 

  2. Saves your additional time.

  3. Helps extend the functionality of the store. 

  4. Enhances the efficiency of the website.

Tips to Select the Right Magento Extension 

The process of selecting the right Magento extension whether it is free or paid in nature needs the right guidance. You can contact the Magento Website Development Company in Delhi to help you out. 


  1. Set a goal: In order to find out the best extension from the long list of offered extensions you need to set the goal, create a list of features you want in the extension. Analyze and list the budget you want to spend.

  2. Analyze the extension: Before making the final purchase always analyze the extension and look for the features you need. Consider looking for the quality, configuration, designs, and others that best suit your needs.

  3. Check the updates: Regular updation of the extension is the need of the hour. Always go for an extension that is regularly updated, showcases the number of improvements, newly added features, trials, and errors if any.

  4. Read customer reviews: No matter how sure you are with the selection of the extension, always prefer looking for customer reviews. Under customer reviews find the comments that define its quality, support system, customer policy, etc. 



  1. Don’t exceed the budget: Never think of exceeding your budget while making the purchase of Magento extensions. Always go with the budget that you have listed and purchase accordingly. 

  2. Don’t download extensions from third sources: Say a big no to those extensions that can be easily downloaded from third sources. Avoid using third sources or unreliable sources while downloading the extensions.

  3. Don’t pick the ones with bad reviews: Do not settle for the Magento extensions that have a bad review or do not include any reviews.


List of Magento Extensions 

As Magento offers more than thousands of extensions meant to be used in different sections of the platform today under this article Mrmmbs Vision will present you with the best extensions to use. Some of the most popular Magento extension categories offered are:  

  1. Accounts and finance 

  2. Marketing 

  3. Security 

  4. Content & management

Magento Extension

Extensions for Accounts & finance 

  1. TaxJar: Taxjar is a SaaS company focused on solving a problem that every seller in the US faces. TaxJar helps you prepare returns, automatically calculate the sales tax, etc. 


Top features of Taxjar:

  1. Automatic filing: TaxJar offers you the facility of no more quick maths and helps calculate customer sales tax. 

  2. Easy to use: TaxJar is easy to use and has an easy installation method. 

  3. Global rates: With accurate rates, TaxJar works for taxes across several countries.  

    2. Saasu accounting: Another reliable accounting software extension you can use is Saasu accounting. It can be easily connected to your e-commerce website, is fast, secure, and easy to use. 


Top features of Saasu Accounting:

  1. Bank integration: Saasu accounting offers the feature of easy bank integration. While using Saasu integration you can use bank and PayPal that helps you keep up to date. 

  2. Multiple currencies: Saasu accounting has a different feature of multiple currencies. It provides more than 50 currencies that you can freely use to manage your national and international transactions. 

  3. Customers: Saasu accounting helps create a database for your customers that can be easily transferred from your e-commerce website. 


Extensions for Marketing 

  1. Zoho CRM:  A cloud CRM service that helps store and segment customer data in different groups. Zoho CRM is an extension that helps manage customers, define sales, and manage different marketing activities. 

Top features of Zoho CRM: 

  1. Easy setup: Zoho CRM offers the best and easy setup of the extension. There is no need for any code learning and other technical skills. 

  2. Sync facilities: Zoho CRM offers the best syncing facilities where one can easily sync all its data from one place to another. 

  3. High quality: Zoho CRM offers high-quality products and services like 6-month support, free lifetime update, 100% open-source, and is highly customizable. 


  1. LiveChat: Using the LiveChat extension in your business will help you do great magic. It is a tool used for customer support, boosting your online sales, and solving all the other queries related to the users. 


Top features of LiveChat:

  1. Highly customizable: LiveChat has a feature of customization that helps its users customize each part of the chat window. It helps provide a customizable look and feel to the website. 

  2. Easy configuration: LiveChat provides you the option of easy configuration and setup.  

  3. Analytics: LiveChat provides the option of tracking the users, managing the analytics, making chat reports, logs, support tickets, etc. 


Extension for Security 

  1. Fraud prevention: For anyone running an ecommerce store fraudulent purchases and payments can be a nightmare. With the help of a fraud prevention extension, you can easily track suspicious purchases, malicious customers, and others. 


Top features of Fraud prevention: 

  1. Automatic fraud detection: Fraud prevention helps in detecting fraud automatically and makes a blacklisting rule that permits the number of strikes. 

  2. Blacklist the accounts: Fraud prevention has the feature of blacklisting the accounts and blocking the guests. It can be done immediately and non-automatically. 

  3. Independent solution: Extension fraud prevention is an independent solution that has a simple and efficient solution and does not include any service costs or periodical fees.

  1. Google Invisible reCaptcha: In order to maintain the security and keep you secure from frauds and fraudulent transactions is Google Invisible reCaptcha. It provides the users with a captcha system that prevents bots and spam. 

Top features of Google Invisible reCaptcha: 

  1. Smart reCaptcha: It provides the feature of presenting a smart reCaptcha form only when there is an event of suspicious activity and logins. 

  2. Templates: Google Invisible reCaptcha offers different templates that you can use to add different pages easily. 

  3. Customization: Customization of reCaptcha is easier with Google Invisible reCaptcha. It offers different forms that one can try for their sites. 


Extension for Content & management 


  1. Nosto: A premium Magento extension that helps businesses deliver personalized experiences and recommendations. It helps retailers market their campaigns and digital experience. 


Top features of Nosto: 

  1. Social media advertisement: Based on customer shopping experience and behavior Nosto has the feature to target its customers with related recommendations. 

  2.  Personalization: Personalization in recommendation is also a unique feature offered by Nasto. 

  3. Easy integrations: Nasto provides easy integrations with different marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Oracle + Bronto, Yotpo, etc. 


  1. Advanced search: Advanced search is an extension that helps arrange search in thousands of posts and product pages. The extension works on Sphinx by matching keywords and products to deliver an accurate result to your search. 


Top features of advanced search: 

  1. Easy setup: The setup procedure for advanced search is easy. It includes the installation of Sphinx on the server and configuration. 

  2. Easy search: As advanced search operates on Sphinx it offers easy search and supports many APIs, PHP, Python, etc. 

  3. Easy matching: With the keywords and relevant purchase data helps in easy matching and offering close recommendations of the product. 


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