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Does your website have tons of traffic but few conversions? Here's why?

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Does your website have tons of traffic but few conversions? Here's why?

Does your website have tons of traffic but few conversions? Here's why?

Just because the e-commerce industry and the internet are growing at a sky-rocketing pace, it certainly does not mean that your e-commerce business will necessarily grow at the speed you like. Every year, thousands of businesses strive so hard to improve their website sales and take the lead in the market, but all in vain. Why? due to the vast difference between getting a lead and preparing it for the next final step: buying or contacting. 

In today’s modern and highly connected world, the advancement of the internet paves the way toward the digital space, letting businesses increase their reach using the website and helping people search for and buy products and services that they need in less time than visiting a physical store. For many business owners, having a website is nothing more than an online identity that has a virtual representation of their offline store, but in reality, it is more than just an online business card. 

Web Design and Website are Reign Supreme

Without having a great website, it is impossible to boost the brand and increase awareness and profits. Believe it or not, web design has a lot of power to play and impacts the buyers' choices. From a company’s logo to a website’s appearance and usability, everything linked to your website should be smartly designed in order to maximize the user experience and upgrow your business. 

A poor design has the power to kill your business and as you think to proceed further with a good new web design development it is necessary to first understand and make notes of the tips missing in the existing web design. One of the most common things you need to look after and maintain is website load speed, mobile compatibility, etc.

For a website to get more conversions than just the traffic, it is necessary to decrease the loading speed of the website. It is obvious to see that if the website needs more than 3 seconds to load, internet users will surely make a judgment and drop it from view. In the same manner, for a business, it is vital to have mobile compatibility as the way people access the internet has changed and how they access it has also changed.

There are several aspects that can help businesses and enterprises evaluate their web design and work on the changes, yielding great results. 

  1. No action without research 

With the idea of getting web designing done for your website comes the responsibility to perform proper research that can actually get you a good web design. It is essential to know the importance of research and to understand what exactly appeals to the audience and what the audience exactly wants to see and access. 

While you are on research analyzing what suits your web design the best, it is advised to always keep in mind that you are designing the website for your audience's admiration, not to design your business. The ultimate goal of web design is to help your target audience look for and find what they need. During the research, look for hidden tips and tricks on How to Increase Conversion Rate and try to capture the preferences of the audience, and build a web design that accommodates their needs. Offering exactly what customers want motivates people to make a call of action. 

Web design and research

  1. Visual hierarchy on the go 

With a report saying that the human brain captures videos and images thousands of times more easily than text, it is important to maintain the visual hierarchy on the website. In comparison to the text used on the website, using visuals contributes as an equal part and helps create a good first impression. Using and maintaining a visual hierarchy on your website is eye-pleasing as it helps capture the attention of audiences and makes their browsing easier and more enjoyable.

The key to maintaining visual hierarchy lies in using the right number of images and videos on your website. Adding too many images and videos can create a strain on the eyes, leaving the audience irritated. It is advised to use visuals in a manner that creates a simple and elegant design for the website.

  1.  Go fast 

Your e-commerce business is going to be as strong as your website only if it has less loading time. For customers, their time is precious and no one is really interested in waiting even for seconds to let your website load and browse through. In order to get greater customer satisfaction, website speed plays a crucial role and works great at getting conversions. As per several reports, 50% of the customers are only loyal if the loading speed of the website is high, and if the website takes 3 or more than 4 seconds to load, people tend to lose interest. 

For a business, even if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, you have lost around 25% of your visitors, which leads to 16% of customer dissatisfaction, which is definitely not a good sign for the business. Always build a Web Design that has increased speed and clear navigation to better satisfy the customer and turn the leads into conversions. 

  1. Mobile-friendliness 

Over the years, with several changes in technology and the internet, the way people now have access to the internet has changed a lot. People now more commonly use smartphones and tablets, drastically decreasing the usage of computers and laptops. In the year 2022, when mobile phones have become the most popular way of accessing the internet, businesses should consider this and focus on creating a website that is mobile-friendly and tries hard to meet the expectations of the audience. 

With the increasing usage of mobile phones, over 90% of the audience wants to browse a website on their phones and from as many devices as they like. A well-maintained and mobile-friendly website motivates customers to visit the website, explore, and shop for things that they want.

  1. Increase customer loyalty 

 A good web design does wonders for your customer loyalty program. It helps bring loyal customers to your business back again and again due to the information, products, and services they need being present on your website. For a customer, a website offering everything they want in one place acts as a favorite spot to stop and shop. With a good web design, if you plan to provide all that your target audience wants, you will witness an increase in customer loyalty. 

There are numerous ways you can use a good web design to build a customer base and earn your loyalty points from them. In order to make sound customer loyalty, just ensure that your website has a design that is responsive and organized navigation, etc. 

Over to you 

A website is the heart of a business, with the capacity to create or break it. In order to outrun the competition, try to add a new layer of design with Mrmmbs Vision, the Best Web Design Company. We offer all the services related to web design and website development. 

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