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Game Development: Current Trends in Mobile Game Industry

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Game Development: Current Trends in Mobile Game Industry

Game Development: Current Trends in Mobile Game Industry


Whenever asked what do you do to cure boredom or improve your brain training majority of people say that they indulge themselves in gaming. Gaming for them acts like an energy booster, helps improve brain training, and develops logical sense and problem-solving skills. Around 28% of the total population that around 2.2 Billion people worldwide play games either on their mobile phones or laptops. 


As the concept of the mobile app is gaining popularity, the development of the games has flourished their presence. Different technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies are playing the role to make the most out of it by contributing to the seamless experience of mobile gaming. 


With the upsurging demands for the games, the game development industry is right now flooded with thousands of game applications being rolled out in the market. As the process of game development is a long one, similarly coming up with a unique idea for a game is the most challenging. In order to cope up with the technology trends and increase in the competitive market, it is advised to learn the recent trends, to research and analyze what idea and innovation you can select to make a game out of it. 


To help you out we Mrmmbs Vision Pvt. Ltd a Web Designing and Development Company in Delhi presents you with an exclusive insight sharing data about the industry trends in game development. 


Types of Games Users Play 

Puzzle: 58%

Action: 35%

Racing: 32%

Card: 16%

Board: 15% 

Simulation: 14%

Arcade: 56%

Strategy: 16%


Current trends in the mobile game industry 

  1. AR-powered games: AR-based games are the ones that are integrated visual and audio content that uses gestures and body controls. For instance: Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizard Unite. 
  2. AI/ML-based games: AI/ML-based games are the ones that use the technology of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, etc. For instance: Alpha Go, Stockfish. 
  3. Hyper casual games: Hyper casual games are the ones that feature minimalistic user interfaces that are easy to play and free-to-play. 
  4. Multiplayer feature games: Multiplayer feature games are the ones in which more than one person can play in the same environment like New Super Mario Bros. 


Innovative Mobile Game Ideas for iOS and Android 

  • Action games: Action games are ones that emphasize physical challenges like eye coordination and reaction time. 
  1. Detective games: The games where the player has to solve a mystery or find out the culprit. 
  2. Crossy Road: The game where a user selects the character and passes the crossy roads with several hurdles. 
  • Racing games: Racing games are ones in which a player participates in a racing competition. 

  1. Car/motorcycle racing game: The game in which the users select the car/motorcycle they want to ride on and participate in the game.

  2. Swimming: The swimming game can be changed by using VR functions that help people enjoy and play the game at one time. 

game development

  • Kids games: The games played by kids like counting games, alphabet games, cartoon games, etc. 

  1. Counting Games: The games that help children count things in an interactive and entertaining way. 

  2. Cartoon Games: The games that use popular cartoons for development.

  • Puzzle games: The games that focus on solving a riddle or a puzzle either in no limited time or in a limited time. 

  1. Find the difference: The game that helps identify or spot the difference between two images. 

  2. Word Search: The game where the users have to form the word or search for the word placed vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. 

  • Board games: The games that are played on boards physically like Ludo, Snake Ladder, Scrabble, Sudoku, etc. 

  1. Chess: One of the board games where two players play the game trying to defeat each other by making good moves. 

  2. Ludo: The game that is popular worldwide and can be played with family and friends. It can be played by 4 people at a time. 

  • Augmented Reality Mobile Games: The games that augment your reality and help you visit different locations in the game.

  1. Pokemon Go: The game is popular in your targeted audience and helps players search and follow the creature present nearby. 

  2. Zombies Game: The games that are popular and widely used amongst children. It includes Zombie fights and zombie races. 

  • Card Games: In reference to the advancement of technology cards games are now played on mobile phones. Gone are the days when people used to sit and play cards in a group of people.

  1. Rummy: A game giving the opportunity to take the card-playing system online and play it virtually. One of the favorite card games of the majority of people. 

  2. Poker: Poker is also a game that interests a lot of users. There are several people who play poker on a daily basis. One can create a new poker game and give different attractive deals, joining rewards, and more. 

  • Educational games: In today’s time due to the developing sense of digitalization the concept of gaining an education has changed a lot. People prefer learning different things online and at their convenience. Under this situation developing an educational mobile game is worth it as people are curious to learn something every day, discover new ideas, etc. These games are most beneficial for growing children. 

  1. General Knowledge game: One of the perfect choices for mothers to educate their child is an educational game as it provides fun and learning in the same place. One can develop general knowledge and can make it different by adding multiple-choice questions and letting the user answer those. 

  2. Technology game: The game that includes tech-related questions or activities. One can develop and add various activities with a sense to make children aware of the changing technology. 

  • Sports Game: Be it people in India or all over the world everyone likes sports. A few like it more and a few a bit less. Designing and developing such a game is a trustworthy and interesting idea. Game Development related to the target audience can help you get a good response. 

  1. Cricket: Cricket is one of the most liked and most played games all over the world. Designing and developing a cricket-related mobile game is a fantastic idea. One can use different features like allowing users to select their teams, their players, etc. 

  2. Football: A football-related mobile game will attract the masses. One can develop the game with all the basic knowledge and can also include the feature of manually creating a team, selecting the ball, etc.


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