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8 Google-Friendly Things your Website Should Have!

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8 Google-Friendly Things your Website Should Have!

8 Google-Friendly Things your Website Should Have!

Google search engine is the primary choice of most users. People today rely on Google to provide information and solution them. There is constant competition among thousands of websites to attain the #1 ranking in Google’s search results.  In the middle of this competition, your website also lies somewhere and is constantly going down in the search rankings due to the lack of attention and upgrade. You’re even struggling to remember the last time somebody visited your website. You feel ashamed of redirecting your clients to it because it takes more than 10 seconds to load. But, the good thing is that now, it has caught your attention and you want to redesign and reframe it in the best way possible, in that process, we Mrmmbs Vision the Best Website Development Company in Delhi are here to help you out. Today, we are bringing you 8 things after the implementation of which you will easily rank at the top of Google’s search results. 


Here they are-:


1. Responsive Design

In today’s smartphone-oriented world, website design has a huge role to play. But let us first understand what responsive design is. What is responsive design? A good responsive design is one that facilitates the best user experience on all types of devices by scaling up the content of your website as per the device you are viewing it on. Google is looking to rank websites that can provide the optimum experience to its users. No matter whether they search for a website from their phone or tablet, they must end up with one that has the best content view from all the devices. So, if you want to rank higher on the best search engine, you got to design a website that has the best response for every device. 


2. Google Schema

Proper presentation of your website to the user is extremely important and Schema helps Google to identify your website through HTML codes mentioned in it and rank it higher on the search engine results page.


What exactly is a Schema? 

Schema is markup codes that you insert in the HTML tag of your website so that on searching for information Google can return to the user with more relevant and precise results. If schema codes are applied to your website, it will help Google to identify it and rank it higher in the search engine results page. 


3. Keywords

Keywords help your website rank higher in Google’s SERP. If you do not constantly update your keywords in Google, your website will slowly go down in the search results. 


What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word that a user types in the search bar of Google to consume information regarding a topic. Google ranks a website based on the relevancy of the keyword that it has with the words typed by the user in the search bar. You need to find out the keywords that people are using and integrate them into your website’s content accordingly. 


4. SSL Certificate

Would you like to stay in a hotel room that has no doors to lock? Not! Similarly. The user would not visit a website that does not have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate and does not guarantee the safety of his/her details and information. 


What is an SSL Certificate?


An SSL certificate comprises small data files that are installed on the webserver that acts as a protective layer for the website. It protects sensitive information like credit card details, phone numbers, and email addresses that users enter to sign up. By adding an SSL certificate to your website, Google will rank you higher and users will find it safe to visit your website. 

5. HTML & XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps allow users and search engines like Google to navigate through your website easily. These sitemaps provide all the relevant information on your website in one place only. 


What exactly are XML & HTML SITEMAPS?


XML sitemaps are prepared to inform search engines like Google about the new page that you updated on your website so that it can crawl the page easily. HTML sitemaps are used to inform users about all the relevant information that your website offers. Both for the search engines and users, sitemaps are important to fetch information from the website. 


6. High-Quality Content

The quality of content that your website has determines whether it will rank high on Google or steep low. 


What is a High-Quality Content?


The definition of content changes from time to time. Today, high-quality content writing done by a Content Writer means informational website writing, relevant infographics, videos, podcasts, and images. If a website has all that, it is termed as a website with high-quality content. Content is king and you have to integrate the best content that educates the user about something new that you are offering in comparison to your competitors. 


7. Titles, Meta, and Description Tags 

On appearing in Google’s SERP 8 out of 10 people will read your headline while 2 out of those 8 will click through and read the rest of your blog or article. The reason behind such a low click-through rate is unattractive titles and Meta description tags. 


What is a Title and Meta Description?


The title tag denotes what a particular article, page, or blog is all about and Meta descriptions assist the title by giving a brief description to Google about the information Present inside the page. Make sure that your Titles and Meta descriptions are updated and SEO-oriented to get higher search rankings on Google.


8. Robot.txt


A robot.txt file is like the watchman at your gate. It controls the areas in which a search engine should be allowed to crawl and block the ones you do not want it to crawl because of security reasons.


What is a Robot.txt file?

Robot.txt file is present in the root area of your site. It allows Google’s crawler to access the pages that you want to rank for Google and block the ones you don’t want. A robot.txt file is important for the safety and security of your website. It also allows you to command the search engine as well. Integrate these 8 things on your website and transform it in the best way to achieve the #1 ranking on Google.

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