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Make the Journey of Flutter App Development Less Bumpy, Here's How?

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Make the Journey of Flutter App Development Less Bumpy, Here's How?

Make the Journey of Flutter App Development Less Bumpy, Here's How?


There is no secret to the thought that running and surviving a business in this competitive digital world is not a cakewalk and a reliable or responsive mobile app can take your business to the next level. As app performance constitutes a critical element of success for any business or mobile app it is important to develop an app that delivers a seamless user experience. 


Generally, with an aim to stay afloat in the market, businesses are looking for the development of a reliable app that makes their brand visible and looks after customer loyalty. One can consider App Development Companies and select the framework that helps build an application natively on different platforms. One such framework is Flutter.


Flutter is an open-source SDK (Software Development Kit) released in 2017 by Google. Packed with different tools like ready-to-use widgets, command prompts, APIs, Integrations tools, and others, flutter is required to build a cross-platform mobile app. It allows developers to develop software from a single codebase operable on Google Fuchsia, iOS, Android, Windows, and more. 


Not only identified by its popularity, but flutter also has some core features that result in different advantages provided by the platform. For instance, the advantages of the flutter app are: 


  1. Open-source: Flutter offers the advantage of being open-source and free for all users. It provides several extensive documentation, features, tools, and community support that helps manage different issues arising during the development process of a flutter application.

  2. Clean and easy development: One of the factors responsible for its popularity is its clean and easy development process. In order to solve the problem of complex and slow development flutter introduced the listview, which helps display the list right out of the box.

  3. High productivity: Being a cross-platform flutter has the advantage of high productivity as it helps developers use the same code base for different development platforms like iOS and Android.

  4. Great performance: Another advantage offered by Flutter is great performance as the application performance is the key element while developing the User interface and user experience of an application. Flutter has reduced the memory consumption by 70% and improved the rendering performance by 50%.

  5. Bright user interface: Unlike many other applications in the market developed from different platforms Flutter provides the advantage of creating a bright user interface. It offers a wide range of tools and techniques that a developer can use to create a design that keeps your customers glued. 


Since its development Flutter is making the journey of app development feel like a breeze by providing developers with several tips, tricks, and tools. It offers developers and mobile app development companies the opportunity to build cross-platform software from a single codebase.




If you are someone who wants to develop a mobile application using flutter you can give Mrmmbs Vision, a Mobile App Development Company in Delhi a knock. If you are someone who wants to develop a mobile application all by yourself consider the tips and tricks offered below. 


1. How to create an intro display in 15 minutes?

A user can create an intro display in just 10-15 minutes all by themselves. All you need to do is use the introduction screen widget, follow the steps, and create in no time. The widget offered to create an intro design is fully configured and has excellent design. Apart from offered features, if you want to add something more you can look for a developer and get it done. 


2. Use flutter snippet

In order to create classes and methods, one can use StreamBuilder Widget and SingleChildScrollView widget. The widgets offered are used in Android Studio or VSCode that helps create a magical experience.  

3. Never profile in the debug mode 

Under the debug mode the profile is turned off and does not display how exactly the application works on a real device. A profile in a debug mode does not receive any performance rates and also tends to work slower than the production mode of default.

4. Insert easy cache images

One can insert cache images in a flutter by adding an image caching plugin in pubspec.yaml file. Use this string to insert: 




  sdk: flutter



5. Extension to reduce duplicates 

During the development process, it is advised to avoid writing the same code over and over again instead of referring to the extension that helps reduce the duplicates. The extension helps build one and the same code in a few places wherever needed. 

6. Dismiss keyboard

Under the development of the flutter application, one can dismiss the keyboard by using the Gesture Detector all you need to do is set focus on a different node. For instance:

Gesture Detector (

onTap: () {




color: Colors.white,

child: new Column(

mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.center,










7. Divide big widgets into small

To keep your flutter web application performance on the go do not depend upon state widgets instead use stateless widgets. It is advised to keep the size of your build function and widgets small as stateful widgets will be rebuilt.

8. Reduce your app size

Under the development process of a flutter app, it is advantageous that you can reduce the app size by using Gradle, an open-source powerful development tool with configuration preferences and Google App Bundles. Another practice to reduce the size of the application is to insert ProGuard rules and eliminate unused code.


Whenever it comes to building a cross-platform application flutter app development starts to flourish. It is known the best because it acts as a lifesaver for building attractive and user-friendly applications. It is always used as a top consideration for all that it offers like several tools, techniques, less development time, rapidly scalable, and high-performance applications. The above-shared tips and tricks are like the cherry on the cake if used correctly under the development process of the flutter application as they add up to the speediness of the application.

Posted By: Mrmmbs Vision

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