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The Only List of Free WordPress Themes Guide You'll Ever Need

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The Only List of Free WordPress Themes Guide You'll Ever Need

The Only List of Free WordPress Themes Guide You'll Ever Need


In today’s digital space creating an eCommerce store with WordPress is fast and easy. One can easily launch a functional eCommerce store by using the WooCommerce plugin and a WordPress theme. In the current scenario, WordPress has around 11,000 themes with inherent and useful features which one can enable to customize the site’s appearance and functionality. 


With the selection of the right theme, you can customize the site’s appearance and functionality as per your specifications with zero coding and designing experience. Fortunately, there are several themes provided by WordPress but unfortunately, the task to select the right one may become a task. To sort your query out and help you select the themes as per your business niche we Mrmmbs Vision Pvt. Ltd a company offering WordPress Development Solutions provides you with a listicle of the best WordPress themes that you can use for your business to grow. But before we move forward it is also important to understand the themes offered by WordPress, how can we use them? What is the right way to select a theme, and others? 


Let’s Start!


A WordPress theme is a group of files that dictates and controls the overall layout of the site. It helps provide the look and feel of your site and controls the presentation of the site. Selecting a WordPress site not only provides you the advantage of making your site visually appealing but also helps in customization by including multiple types of pages, extensions, codes, and others. A WordPress theme is categorized into two parts: 


  • Multipurpose vs Niche Themes


A multipurpose theme caters to different niches and site types as it provides multiple kinds of extensions, pages, widgets, codes, and others to easily customize the site. 




A niche theme is customizable in nature but is only tailored to one topic or industry. A niche theme does not have a vast variety in customization but it works in defining the functionality of the site.

  • Free vs Premium Themes: 


A free theme offered by WordPress does not cost you a penny but offers all the needed features, designs, and functionality. 




A premium theme is built the same as the free one but is considered a different beast. A premium theme offers support and updates that are improved in features and functionality. It requires a regular subscription that provides regular support and updates. 


Below is the listicle defining the best available WordPress e-commerce themes: 

  1. Generate Press


In the market today, generate press is one of the most popular and highest-rated WordPress themes that provide nine kinds of widgets, five navigation, five sidebar designs, and several dropdown menus. The theme offers both a free and a premium version which a user can avail themselves of as per their requirements. 


Pros: High-speed, lightweight, higher customizability, and functionality.

Cons: Less third-party integration and limited options.

  1. Big store 


The big store is an E-commerce WordPress theme made for building shopping sites that are aesthetic and responsive enough. The big store provides features that are easy to use, have a customization panel, and are fully responsive in nature. A few notable features include easy setup, live customizer, SEO-friendly code, pre-made templates, etc. 


WordPress Themes

  1. Shapely 


Shapely is a free theme from WordPress that has a clear design, modern parallax effects, and when used helps in improving the development process. The designs offered by shapely are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, phones, tablets, desktop computers, etc.


Pros: Super clean design, modern effects, and customizability. 

Cons: No changes in the font and header menu color.

  1. Kadence


Kadence theme provided by WordPress is a newer theme focused on the ability to provide easy usage and fast loading times. The theme is lightweight, accessibility-ready, and is highly customizable that the user can use any niche as per their needs. 


Pros: SEO friendly, easy to use, fast loading, WooCommerce integration. 

Cons: Limited page builder plug-in and fewer starter templates.

  1. Astra


For people who are a beginner, Astra is the best WordPress theme one can use and create a professional website without any technical needs. It is of the same genre as generate press, is super customizable, and provides tons of options in real-time. Astra is compatible with WPBakery Page builder, beaver builder, brizy, and others.


Pros: Light-weight, SEO plugins, WordPress plugin, etc.

Cons: Too much choice, best features are accessed after unlocking. 

  1. Ocean WP 


Another streamlined option offered by WordPress is Ocean WP. It is one of the most customizable themes with a 5-star rating and more than 100K installs. Ocean WP is easy for professionals but is a bit harder for beginners. It helps create WordPress designs that are responsive and good on mobiles as well as desktops. 


Pros: SEO friendly, multi-purpose, responsive layout, speed, highly customizable.

Cons: Not light-weight, premium extensions are required in the free demos also. 


How to pick the best WordPress theme for your company?


Before you start investing your time and money it is important to know how to select the ideal theme that suits your business well.

  1. Compatibility with WooCommerce: Always ensure that the theme you are selecting is compatible with WooCommerce or not. Most of the WordPress themes can fit the bill but a special eCommerce store helps you create homes or pages that are instant.

  2. Responsiveness: When selecting from hundreds of themes offered the responsiveness and mobile-friendliness of a theme used in a website or a blog is a crucial factor. A responsive theme helps make the user experience smooth and effective which helps to browse through different devices like mobile phones, tablets, pcs, etc.

  3. Aesthetic: Matching the aesthetics of a brand helps build the look and feel. WordPress offers several themes that are dedicated to elegant style and suggest a modern style like fashion, food, artisans, etc.

  4. Search engine optimization: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) offers a theme that has the in-built feature of SEO. It helps provide several features like fast loading times, easy navigation, heading, and subheadings, etc. 

  5. Browsing behavior: While selecting a theme from WordPress it is important to look after the browsing and buying behavior of the customer. Always try to select a theme that helps display photos and integrated features like Zoom for easy inspection. 

In order to get a successful website and influence people the way, they perceive your brand you need to have a professional and visually appealing website design. To create one you can select any theme mentioned above and if you still have questions feel free to contact a Web Designing and Development Company.

Posted By: Mrmmbs Vision

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