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What are the P2E Games? A Business Model or just a Fuss

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What are the P2E Games? A Business Model or just a Fuss

What are the P2E Games? A Business Model or just a Fuss

Long gone are the days when gamers were overlooked and crossed out as outcasts, wasting their time playing games instead of doing something productive. There is no secret in saying that the gaming sector has turned into a billion-dollar industry just by being a form of passive hobby. Apart from this, with the sky-rocketing speed of change in tech trends, the gaming industry is now yet again expected to reach a value of $260 billion by 2025.

As technology and the internet have progressed, the paradigm of online gaming has witnessed a myriad of trends over the past few years. From first-person shooters to multiple player online battles, the list of game tendencies is constantly changing. With the grooming segment of the gaming industry, it appears that few sectors are completely escaping the craze, but the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have realized the potential and have started to embrace it. 

Being one of the biggest markets representing the cutting edges of technology, the industry wants to deliver a better impact. It has gone further and has launched crypto and NFTs as the stakes, explaining how the play-to-earn model was born and gained speed. The concept was largely made possible through the boom of non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs.

P2E games, also called play-to-earn games, are just like what they sound when you pronounce them. It is a model where cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens are an integral part of the play, allowing users to earn digital assets through the gameplay. It is a phenomenon and new norm in the crypto market where some games require a standard amount of investment and others are completely free. With this being said, in this article presented by Mrmmbs Vision, the Best Game Development Company in Delhi, let’s learn about some of the most popular play-to-earn games in the industry. 

  • Decentraland 

A virtual reality platform, or a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain by Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano, is another popular game that allows players to buy land and build their own 3D world by developing whatever they want on the platform. The plots of land are commonly used for making games and opening stores for all sorts of companies like Samsung, Sketchers, DKNY, and others. 

To get started, the players need to have an Ethereum wallet with its cryptocurrency named MANA. The token can be used to pay for different names, wearables, avatars, and other items available in the marketplace. 

  • The Sandbox 

Built as an Ethereum-based open-world game, the Sandbox is one of the best play-to-earn games made for creative people. It lets users build, craft, and survive in the metaverse by combining their strategies and survival skills. Just like in Decentraland, in the Sandbox, there are two different tokens: land and sand. The Land tokens are NFTs symbolizing land ownership and design of the unique locations the users want. On the other hand, sand tokens are used for value transfer, governance, etc. Available as a cell phone app and also for PC, iPad, and MAC, the game Sandbox encourages players to actively participate, buy and sell NFTs, and reach the highest level of the game. 

  • Axie Infinity 

Inspired by the concept of some of the most popular games like Pokemon and Tamagotchi, Axie Infinity is undoubtedly one of the most popular trade-and-battle play-to-earn games where users can collect, breed, raise, and battle against other online users. Created by a Vietnamese firm Sky Mavis the game supports Ethereum-based cryptocurrency or SPLs. 

To get started and play an action-packed game, the users are supposed to amass the creatures and pit them against each other in the warfare of the gameplay. Doing so will help users complete the task and fight the warfare monsters, leading to being rewarded with crypto tokens. With the rewards, the axies are yours, and you have the whole ownership of them. You are liable to resell them to earn value incentives. 

  • Star Atlas

An Astronomy based play-to-earn game made in rich metaverse that lets the users explore the space, and trade NFTs of planets, stars, and other items making them all different from one another. To understand the game and get started, the game includes three primary groups: an alliance of extraterrestrial species, robots, and humans vying for resources. 

For the end results of the game, if you lose the combat, your NFT spacecraft will be permanently destroyed, and if you win the combat, you will be rewarded more generously. The game includes two tokens: Atlas and Polis. The token Atlas is used as a utility token, and the polis is used as a governance token. 

  • Sorare 

For the love of football, Sorare is a different type of metaverse game from all the above-mentioned earn-to-play games as it is focused on football fantasy. In the game, anyone can make a free account by entering their email address and can buy, collect, and trade digital cards via credit or debit cards and bank transfers. 

To get started, you need to register, log in, and create a team based on your favorite players and get rewarded based on their performance in the gameplay. 


Due to the expanding universe of the metaverse, there is no denial of the fact that these earn-to-play games are turning into a viable business model. It is easier to predict the significant attention it will be receiving in the coming years and how users will monetize the time being spent playing the games. Apart from the above-mentioned earn-to-play games, in a world where everything is becoming more and more digital, there are some of the top NFT games that are already in production with the help of developers and services. 

If you are someone with an idea looking to build a promising gameplay experience and features for e-gaming and NFT fans, feel free to contact us. Being the Best NFT Marketplace Development Company in India, we offer several services related to NFT marketplace development, NFT for games development, and other related solutions. 


Posted By: Mrmmbs Vision

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